How to print inserts

Print at home inserts is a convenient thing – just minutes after you have finished the transaction you can already use them. But there is a little catch: printing them.

Every printer has its different settings and every operating system might have other menus for your printer. So there is a possibility to have a general “how to” guide which works for every printer. However, there are some settings you should consider trying to get a good result in a short time.

Print personal size inserts

In general, all my personal size inserts can be printed on A4 or letter sized paper. You can use any software you like to open the PDF file(s), but I recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Reader which is downloadable for free.

Here are the settings I use with my own printers at home:

Print settings

Please make sure that you print the inserts in their actual size or 100%. They are designed to fit perfectly into a personal size planner. The cut lines will help you find the correct line where you have to cut them to size.

All personal size inserts should be printed in landscape orientation, but if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader it should detect this setting automatically.

If you print double-sided, you will have to flip the page on the short edge. Please bear in mind that your printer may not print perfectly double-sided, my old printer had an offset of about 5mm and my new one can print double-sided perfectly centered. If your pages do not print well at the double-sided option, try printing the inserts on another printer (f.e. at a friend’s or at work if you are allowed to).

Printing A5 inserts

The A5 inserts offered in my shop can be printed on A5, A4 or Letter sized paper. Personally, I prefer to print them on A5 paper which should be available in different paper qualities in any office supply store (f.e. Staples) or on Amazon. For my own insertsI use this paper.

If you print them on A4 or Letter size paper, you can use the file with “print on A4” in the file name. Most of my A5 inserts have this option already.  Then use the same settings as described above with the personal size inserts.

If you have any problem printing the inserts, please contact me at office (at)! I am sure we can figure out which setting your printer will need to print the inserts.

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